Moving house can be extremely stressful, but there are way to minimise the stress and make it a better experience all round. Start by getting quotes from different removals firms, or look into the cost of hiring a van if you plan to move yourself. Be realistic about how much furniture and possessions you have. A removal firm will know exactly how much will fit in a vehicle and the best sequence for taking furniture out.
Take care over packing, have plenty of boxes and packing material, start as soon as you can so you don’t have a terrible rush when moving day comes. Label all boxes with the room they are to go in and the contents of the box. Colour code boxes and furniture for each room in the new house. Arrange for small children to be cared for a friend or relative. Shut pets up somewhere safe in the house, and have a room for them on arrival at the new house. If necessary ask your vet about sedatives for flighty animals.
Think through any tricky moving issues, like fish tanks, outside furniture, tubs of plants, awkward or heavy furniture. Make a plan of the rooms in your new home and work out where furniture will go on arrival. Make sure you have the keys to the new property or will be able to get them when you arrive. Pack things you will need on arrival in separate boxes or cases and take these in your car – change of clothes, night wear, washing things, bedding, pet foods, kettle, tea and coffee, milk, provisions for a meal and for breakfast the next day, medications, computer, phone charger etc. Then at least, however chaotic the day is, you can at least make some tea!