Moving house always seems incredibly daunting. The very thought makes the best of us wish we had a lot less stuff! However if you prepare ahead it need not be a traumatic experience. The key things to do are; to have everything packed in time for the move, and to arrive at your new home with all your possession undamaged. Start sorting out your things and packing what you can as soon as possible.
Get rid of things you don’t need, want or have room for. You don’t want to pack things you later have to dispose of. If space is an issue you could consider packing some things and sending them into storage. Start collecting boxes and packing material. Pack carefully protecting breakables with paper or bubble wrap. Pack like with like, so no heavy things next to fragile things. Use small boxes to pack books, which are very heavy.
Place more robust and heavier items in the bottom of boxes and make sure all packing cases are sturdy enough for what they contain. If you use a moving firm they will provide boxes and packing, but be sure that they know how much you need. You can have everything packed for you if you need that. As you pack boxes label them clearly, saying what is inside, and where it is to go. Colour coding boxes and furniture can help make things run smoothly on moving day.