Moving house is frequently acknowledged as being one of the most stressful things there is.

There are many advantages to using a professional removal company.

Organising packing and removing is a large part of the moving process, but the stress of the actual moving day can be greatly reduced if a professional removal company is used, rather than relying on family and friends, and having to organize transport yourself.

A quick search on the internet will find many house removal companies, some national, and some local. So how do you know that you are going to be using a reputable company? Word of mouth is often the best way to find a company to use. There are also often testimonials on websites that can be useful.

It is a good idea to get a few quotes from different companies, to ensure you are getting a good deal and to get a feel for the company by talking to them.

One of the main advantages of using professionals is that they offer insurance, so if your goods are damaged in transit you are covered in full.

Some companies offer a full packing service, and with the experience they have in this area you know that your belongings will be packed in the most efficient and safest way.

Many of the larger companies also offer storage, so if you are running out of space as you are packing, or if there is a gap between moving out of your old house and into the new, there is somewhere for your boxes and furniture to be securely housed.