Whilst lock ups have long been used for both business and personal storage, the provision of supervised secure storage facilities is a relatively new service.
The advantages of these provisions are huge and the times when you may want to use them are numerous. You may be moving home and find there is a period between leaving one home and moving into another. Alternatively ,you may be having renovation or building work done and want your furniture and possessions to be safe from possible damage and soiling. Most facilities are available for periods from one week to permanent , so there is a solution for all needs.
However there are other, possibly less immediately obvious ,reasons for using these secure storage facilities. One of the biggest advantages is that they come in all sizes from lockers to huge rooms, so if for example you have bulky sports equipment such as ski equipment, you can keep them safe without cluttering up your loft , garage or spare room. They are also instantly accessible 7 days a week, so if you decide you need something on the spur of the moment you can access it easily.
A good firm will be able to provide you with packaging materials and advice on packing safely, transporting if needed and also how much room you will need..often less than you think if stored skillfully.
You will need to contact your insurance company about the usage, but the key word ¨secure¨ should be enough to convince you that leaving things vulnerable to theft in a garage or shed is a poor alternative.